Christian Matheis, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor
Government and International Affairs

School of Public and International Affairs
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Areas of Specialization:
Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics, Public Policy, Public Engagement

Areas of Concentration:
Solidarity, Global Justice, Migration & Refugees, Feminism, Race, Philosophy of Liberation, Social Movements

Areas of Application and Practice:
Grassroots/Direct-Action Organizing, Policy Advocacy, Human Relations Facilitation, Intergroup Dialogue

Christian Matheis is a visiting assistant professor of Government and International Affairs in the School of Public and International Affairs at Virginia Tech. He specializes in scholarship and practice that bridge social and political philosophy and public policy, with concentrations in migration, refugees, feminism, race, indigeneity, and global justice. His recent research focuses on philosophical conceptions of solidarity in liberatory movements, problems of recognition and identity politics in liberal models of social justice, moral criteria for regulating how state administrative agencies treat refugees, critiques of immigration and border policies, critiques of whiteness studies, and the aesthetics of race. Christian is the co-editor of Migration Policy and Practice: Interventions and Solutions (Palgrave 2016), an emeritus editor of the journal SPECTRA: the Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Theory Archives (2012-2015), member and treasurer of the Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World (SPCW), and a Voices contributor to The Anarres Project for Alternative Futures. Christian’s work appears in various anthologies and edited collections, including: Phenomenology and the Political (2016)Philosophy in the Contemporary World (2011, 2015), the APA Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy (2014), as well as in the forthcoming Women’s Lives Encyclopedia (ABC-CLIO Greenwood 2016).


Courses Taught:

Public and International Affairs + Urban Affairs and Planning + Political Science 
GIA/PSCI 6144: Refugees and Transnational Migration (Virginia Tech)
GIA/PSCI 5434: Politics of Developing Areas (Virginia Tech)
UAP 5424: Practices of Public Engagement – Facilitating Group Dialogue (Virginia Tech)
GIA/PSCI 5224: Liberation and Social Movements (Virginia Tech)
GIA/UAP 5004: Power and Policy in the U.S. (Virginia Tech)
GRAD 5004: Contemporary Pedagogy (Virginia Tech)
PSCI/UAP 3774: Marxian Political Analysis (Virginia Tech)

PHL 111: Knowledge, Reality, and the Human Condition – Radford University
PHL 114: Origins of Western Philosophy – Radford University
PHL 280: Ethics of Diversity (course assistant) – Oregon State University
PHIL 1304: Morality and Justice (on-site and online) – Virginia Tech
PHIL 2304: Global Ethics (on-site and online) – Virginia Tech
PHIL/PSCI 3016: Political Theory (on-site and online) – Virginia Tech
PHIL 4994: Philosophies of Relation – Virginia Tech

GRAD 5114: Contemporary Pedagogies – Virginia Tech

Adult Education & Higher Education Leadership
AHE 199: Students, Politics, and Social Change – Oregon State University
AHE 406/506: Organizing for Social Change – I – Oregon State University
AHE 406/506: Organizing for Social Change – II – Oregon State University
AHE 499/599: Community, Solidarity, and Action – Oregon State University

Bio-Behavioral Health
BBH 251: Intro to Sexuality and Gender Studies – Penn State



  • Ph.D. Ethical and Political Thought — 2015
    The Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought
    Graduate Certificates: Women’s and Gender Studies, Future Professoriate
    Virginia Tech
  • M.A. Applied Ethics — 2004
    Minors: Ethnic Studies, Sociology
    Oregon State University
  • B.S. Psychology — 2001
    Oregon State University